Tuesday, March 13, 2012

John Pule's Style Of Art

We went to the Art Gallery and looked at John Pule's style of art. We adapted his style to show what is important in our lives. 

I am Aroha. I am a Maori girl. The Maori patterns in the picture show that I am from New Zealand. The heart in my picture is for my name because Aroha means 'love'. I like going to the beach to fish and collect shells. I also like going to the church and play with my church friends. 

I am Dupri. I am Maori boy. I was born in New Zealand. My picture represents the mountain where I live. My picture shows Hangi because I like Hangi. The Silver Fern, the All Blacks and the rugby ball represents New Zealand.

I am Helen. I am a Samoan girl. I was born in Samoa. I wear jandals when I go to Samoa. We play rugby in Samoa. The Silver Fern represents New Zealand and the Coconut Tree represents Samoa.

My name is Cerenity. I am a Maori girl. I have my family in my picture. I was born in New Zealand and so was my family. We use spear to catch fish. The waves in my picture tell that I like going to the beach and swimming.