Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baseball - with Room 1 and Room 2

This term for Kiwisport we are learning how to play Baseball.
We are learning how to stretch, throw, catch and strike a ball.
Running as a team to warm up

We are good at running

Stretching our body

Sosaia is good at cathcing

We all practiced together

Wesley is happy with what he is learning

Davlyn practicing his catching

We had a competition to see how accurate we could throw

Our coach was our target

We tried our best!

Terell was the most accurate at throwing and won a pair of sun glasses!!!
Well done Terell!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tupac and Tūpeke

Mrs Kelly has a baby bunny at home called Tupac.
One day she brought him into our class instead of Tūpeke to see if we would notice...
and we did!

We did some writing about Tupac being Tūpeke's friend...





Davlyn is very brave!
Last week Davlyn broke his arm, but it's not stopping him do anything!

WALT take a screen shot

We have been learning how to use the technology in our class.
We now know how to take a screen shot on the iPad.
We can use a screen shot to show our learning, capture our writing and record progress in a game.  

All of the photos below are screen shots the students took.