Friday, January 31, 2014

Our first week at School for 2014

We have had a great week getting to know each other and beginning our new learning.
We like having some new and some old faces in our class!
Colour maths! We all are really good at knowing our colours!
Our school values help us use our heart with each other
Dziah beginning to paint her heart.
Michael painting his heart.

Carla painting.

It's nice to have Terell, Isaia and Dziah back!

It's great having Lopiseni back too!

Havea took a wonderful photo of Michael showing Mrs Micic his independent work.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 2 of 2014 at Tamaki Primary!

Welcome back to Room 2 at Tamaki Primary for 2014!

We've had a lovely start to the year with some new and old faces.

Here are some photos of what we have got up to on Day 2 for the new year.
Hard at work practicing writing. Our word for today was 'I'.

Michael working hard learning 'I'.

Carla learning how to be nice to TÅ«peke.

Leon-Lebron working hard.

Carla working hard.

Havea working hard.

Leon-Lebron and Havea worked hard to make this puzzle.
We finished today with a brainstorm of what we have done.