Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Independent math time

During independent math time, the Blue Squares and Green Rectangles were both in the iPads practicing adding numbers together using their fingers... Mrs Vercoe was watching them do their maths and was so impressed she took some short videos!

Below is a video showing the students doing their maths.... and if you look carefully you'll see one student adding in their head!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Duffy Theatre!

 We were lucky enough to start the year with the Duffy Theatre team come and visit us with this years theatre show
'Duffy King of Books'.

Sosaia from Room 2 used an iPad to take some videos of the show. 
Below are some highlights (but nothing to give the show away!) 

Thank You Duffy for another wonderful show to help us learn more about the importance of reading!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuakana/Teina Time

Tuakana/Teina refers to the relationship between an older (Tuakana) person and a younger (Teina) person and is specific to teaching and learning in the Māori context. 

At Tamaki Primary we have buddy classes where the younger students can learn from the older ones (and vice versa!) and we call it 'Tuakana/Teina time'.
This year our Buddy class is Room 5 with Miss May.
Today we had our first time together, with a focus on our letter of the week 'i'
(We also practiced finding letters, our colours and cutting - THANKS BUDDIES!!!). 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We like MUSIC

In Room 2 we absolutely love going to the music room to learn how to play the ukulele's and bucket drums.

Mrs Vercoe loves how well we listen there and how well we follow instructions (even when she doesn't use her voice!!).

Have a look at what we've been doing!

Developmental Play

Last Friday Room 1 and 2 joined together for our first session of Developmental Play.
We had a great time together playing with new textures, trying new activities and learning new skills!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We are learning to throw and catch a small ball

We are about to start learning Baseball in our Kiwisport time, so for PE this week we started to practice our throwing and catching skills.
We had lots of smiles and laughs as we tried throwing and catching the balls different ways, and we even saw if we could hit a target at distance.... Mrs Vercoe!

Our wonderful photographers were Sosaia and Dziah.

Carla made a wonderful catch!

Lopiseni working very hard

Well done Michael!

Terell has lots of concentration

Great work Havea!

Throwing and catching in action

3...2...1.... try hit the target!!!

We even tried throwing and catching on our back. Well done boys!

We have been doing some wonderful work!
(Click on the photos to enlarge)

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Start of Week 3 of Term 1

It's amazing how many photos can be taken in  a day!

Today we have been beginning to look at how we take a good photo (and video) with an iPad, when Mrs Vercoe looked through them she was amazed at all the ones that were blog quality!!!

Great team work here!! Terell and Leon-Lebron worked together to order  sentence.

Mrs Vercoe was very proud of Michael getting his work done all on his own!

Well done Abraham! He can put a sentence in order.

Dziah hard at work!

Lopiseni worked so hard and quietly that Mrs Vercoe was very impressed when he told her that he was finished!

Today Terell and his reading group were learning the word 'come'.

Dziah painting her face on the background.

Terell painting his face on the background.
We finished our art so quickly that we even had some time to go into the music room for a short music lesson. Mrs Vercoe is very proud of us because we always have our best listening ears on the the music room!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Welcome Abraham!
 With Waitangi day on Thursday, last week zoomed by!
We have been looking at Hauora, and part of that is learning about ourselves. We have been learning how to do self portraits (Mrs Vercoe thinks we're pretty good!) and we're now ready to paint some to display!
Terell working hard to make his coloured background.

Leon-Lebron knows that we need to make the colours bold.

What wonderful artists!

Everyone is awesome at working together and sharing.

Carla is very good at using a paintbrush!