Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Look at Paeroa!

Today we wrote about Ronald Mc Donald coming into our school, we were focusing on using our word cards and sounding out the letters all on our own for words that weren't on there... 
Paeroa did it!!!
On Monday we saw Ronald Mc Donald

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buddy Time!!

We had buddy time today with Room 9!
We're looking forward to doing more learning together throughout the year.

Today we read together and practiced our spelling words.

Our special secret visitor!

Miss Elliott told Room 2 that we were having a special visitor after morning tea, but she wouldn't say who it was.... so we had a brain storm to guess who it might be... 

We thought it could be Mrs Sharma, Miss Barlow, Mrs Kelly, Caleb, Ms Hansell, Koro, Bob or Miss Kirsty...

When we got to the hall we found out that it was...

Ronald Mc Donald!!
He came in to teach us about being safe on and near the road.

Here is a video showing some of what we saw in the show

We would love your comment saying how you would be safe on and near the road!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Foam Fun!

On Friday Room 1 and Room 2 joined for the day...

We had fun writing our numbers, words, letters and names in foam!

Have a look at the photos that students from the classes took...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The New Cat

In Room 2 we read the book 'The New Cat' by Joy Cowley

We looked in our lunch boxes and thought about what Greedy Cat would eat if he was in our class.. this is what we thought... 

Room 2s Cat from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Our Garden

We are very lucky, and have our own school garden!
Today Bob took us for a guided tour, showing us the yummy kumara being dug up, some seeds sprouting and we got to eat a yellow cherry tomato!

We're looking forward to seeing what pops up next 

While digging for Kumara, we found a pumpkin!

Paula with a yummy yellow tomato

Friday, March 15, 2013


"If it's meant to be, it begins with me!"

Two of our focus words this term are 'Aspiration' and 'Inspiration'

Below is a movie Room 2 made about what they aspire to be... 


WOW the start of the term has absolutely flown by! 

Miss Elliott and Room 2 can't believe that it's already the end of week 6!

Below is a snippet of a catchup through photos of what we have been up to... Bring on 2013!

We have had Butterfly plants in our class this term - First we needed
to put them outside so the butterfly could lay eggs!
The eggs were tiny!! We had fun looking at them every day to
see if they had hatched. 
They were TINY when they first hatched
But soon they grew!

Beautiful Butterfly

Watching the butterfly on the plant

We have been learning out body parts

We painted one side of the paper, then folded it over to make butterflies! 

Number twister is SO MUCH fun!

Room 2 with Quentin The Bear, otherwise known as Q.T Bear.
He has been helping us go through the 'Skills for Growing' program. 

Hope liked going to the dentist with our small Q.T Bear

We had the DUFFY assembly! It was AWESOME

We all wanted to be a part of it onstage! 

Bb Blowing Bubbles!

We are very lucky this term, because we have a SCHOOL POOL!
Petelo likes to float.

Paula can open his eyes under water!

Until next time... BYE from Room 2