Monday, August 5, 2013

Sending our first emails from our iPads!

We are learning how to send an email.
This morning we worked with Mrs Vercoe to learn how to send her an email. 
We chose a story from our story writing book to type out and then send it to Mrs Vercoe. 
We liked looking at the board and seeing that Mrs Vercoe had got our email.
Mrs Vercoe has 1 new email.
Here are some of the emails we sent.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Our visit from Laura

We had Laura from Animates come and visit our class.
We told her some things we have been learning about our rabbit, and she answered our questions. 

Laura answering our questions.

 We went into our school garden and showed Laura what leaves we thought our rabbit would like.

 Tūpeke has his first adventure outside with his harness.
At first he was a bit scared. Laura told us that when he started eating some grass it meant that he wasn't scared any more.

Dizah knows that we don't pull on the lead.

Ngataupaki knows that we keep the lead loose between us and Tūpeke.
 Laura taught us how to hold the lead the right way. 
Walking a rabbit isn't the same as walking a dog, so we had to learn how.
Tūpeke feels safe with Petelo.

Welcome to Stephanie!

We have had the beautiful Stephanie start in our class this week. She likes to play with her friends, and likes learning her colours.

Welcome Stephanie!