Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Congratulations to our parents who successfully completed the Reading Together Programme this year.

Eruption of Mt. Tongoriro

Yesterday Mt. Tongoriro exploded. No one knew because there was no warning. There were children from a school on the mountain when it exploded. They screamed and they were scared. they only saw ash clouds in the sky. the flights were cancelled. This means that if you are living in Mt. Tongoriro, you cannot go to other places. The eruption lasted for five minutes. The ash cloud was about 3 kilometers up in the was very dark and hot. Now we are not allowed near Mt. Tongoriro because it might explode again.

By Azuredream
Eruption of Mt. Tongoriro

Yesterday, on 21st November, 2012, Mt. Tongoriro exploded and there was no warning. It went for 5 minutes. Some of the tourists were excited to see an active volcano. Everyone saw the ash cloud above Tongoriro which is near Mt. Ruapehu. The explosion went 2 to 3 kilometers into the sky and it has exploded twice in 2 months.

By Marshal
Eruption of Mt. Tongoriro

Yesterday Mt. Tongoriro exploded near Mt. Ruapehu. The volcano erupted and the ash cloud went about 2 to 3 kilometers up into the sky.At that time there was a group of school children on a trip. it erupted without any warning. No one was hurt but people were scared and were running to a safe place. We in Room 2 think that volcano eruptions can happen at any time without a warning.

By Cerenity.

Eruption of Mt. Tongoriro

Eruption of Mt. Tongoriro.

Yesterday on 21st November Mt. Tongoriro erupted in the clear blue sky. All that the people could see was a big ash cloud in the sky. The eruption lasted for five minutes. There was a group of school kids from an Intermediate school. One child cried out “Look” and everybody turned to see this huge cloud of black smoke. They were very scared. The smoke went up to about 3 kilometers in the sky so air flights were cancelled for low flying planes because the smoke will wreck the rotors on the plane. The people are warned not to go close to the mountain because it might erupt again. This shows us that we do we do not know enough about volcanic eruptions.

By Jahrell Leewes