Friday, September 9, 2016

Stepping Out with Constable Taina

Constable Taina came and taught us how to cross the road safely.
We learnt a lot and we have become very good at crossing the road safely, even Constable Taina said so!
We need to make sure our feet our behind the kerb.
We need to look left and right and left and right and listen for cars before we cross the road.
We don't cross the road until the cars stop for us
We look left and right as we cross the road
We look down sneaky driveways
Our certificates


Carra said...

great job room 2 you are the best class said...

Hi Room 2,

Nice job. I hope you learn't a lot of things to keep safe. I hope you use those things. Keep up the good work Room 2.

By Irys