Friday, November 11, 2016

KiwiSport - Dance

We have been doing Dance for KiwiSport this term. It has been so much fun. Thank you Jasmine for teaching us lots about dancing and different shapes.

Only one hand on one foot on the floor (Danielle)
Only our tummies on the floor (Pauliasi and Owyn)
Star Shape
Straight Shape

For our last session with Jasmine we learnt to do the tango and the conga. 

We had so much fun learning dance. 


Angel @ Tamaki Primary said...

Hello room2 i really like your dance maybe you can show the rest of the school your dance or you could show miss kelly

kira said...

Hello room two its me kira I liked your dancing skills and also I liked the way you include photos of yous dancing it looks like you are doing the mannequin challenges and one photo I really liked was when someone was doing a frontside bride that look painful to do anyway I like your piece of work keep up the good work and you all will succeed in the future if you make the right choices the good choice you make now the good places where you will go.

teresa said...
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Sally Barlow said...

Well done room 2 I love your dancing moves Whaea Sally

Chris Herlihy said...

Hi Room 2. Loving your dance moves. You all look like you are having so much fun! Keep up the awesome work.

Monika said...

Faka lofa lahi atu and i am here to tell you that you guys are very great at dancing . My opinon is to do your best and if you fail don't stop now persevere - Push and don't give up. I love the moves let's get grooving .
Sincerely - Monika